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Information and articles on Healing, Energy Healing, Inner Child Healing, Angel Healing & More ... Poems & Poetry For The 21st Century

Find a poem, poems, poetry exercises, imagery poems, hypnotic poems, metaphor poems, healing poems, inspirational poems, art solutions poems & metasong poems created with Project Sanctuary


123EFT com

EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques For Beginners

Animal EFT

EFT For Animals: Animal EFT for treating health and behavior problems in companion animals, horses, dogs, cats, farm animals, wild animals and in owners too.

Aromatherapy Blog With Dr Silvia Hartmann

Aromatherapy 4 Emotions, 4 Energy System, Against Stress, To Make You Happy!

Art By Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann's art site - original paintings, design and photographs, art theory and exercises in art & magic


Barbara Saph

Barbara Saph Network Hub

Buy Magic Online

Buy Magic Online - Magic shop, magic music, magic charms, magic services, magic therapy & more!

Emotions and Feelings: Practical, workable solutions to problems with emotions and feelings for modern people

EmoTrance Information, EmoTrance Events, EmoTrance Practitioners WorldWide

Energy EFT

EFT Scripts, EFT Examples, EFT Tips, EFT Training, EFT Practitioners

Energy Magic com

Energy, Energy Exercises, Energy Magic, Energy Healing, Energy Art & The A-Z of Energy


Fantasy Fiction with StarFields

Fantasty Fiction, Fairy Tales, Creative Writing based on Project Sanctuary

Fear Of Flying Self Help

Afraid Of Flying? Fear of flying self help, free help for flying stress, fear and anxiety with EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques


The Genius Symbols, Genius, Visionary Genius

Healing Retreats with Sandra Hillawi

Revitalising detox health and healing retreats with Sandra Hillawi

Hypnodreams Hypnosis With Dr Silvia Hartmann

Beautiful, advanced energy hypnosis programs created by Dr Silvia Hartmann

In Serein

The In Serein Trilogy Fantasy Fiction Novel - All three books online complete.

Magic, Spells & Potions

Magic spells, love spells, money spells, health spells, magic symbols, rituals, meditations and magic advice with SFX.


MindMillion - Mind Over Money

FREE Mind Over Money Course, Tips, marketing, money images, inspiration, wealth exercises and more!

Healing abandonment and/or rejection by mother with EFT

NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP Patterns, NLP Articles, NLP Hypnosis, NLP Metaphor and More

Project Sanctuary

Creativity, Imagination, Genius, Innovation, Exploration, Visionary Thinking, Mind, Metaphor = Project Sanctuary

SilviaHartmann com

Improving Human Performance & Experience With Practical, REAL Life Techniques That Work Since 1983.

Free & Premium Books, Courses & CDs on Mind, Emotion, Energy Healing, Imagination, Innovation, Metaphor, Art, Motivation & Creativity

Silvia Hartmann StarFields Diary


Energy Psychology, EFT, EmoTrance, MET, Energy Therapies Information, Practitioner Listings, Trainings, Events

The Soul Pilots: Save Lost Souls

The Soul Journey is wondrous - but sometimes, a soul can get into trouble. The Soul Pilots answer the call to help. Can you become a Soul Pilot?


The Spirit Of Animals

Animal stories, spirit animals, animal pictures, animal healing

WonderWorlds Photography, Video & Images by StarFields

Beautiful Images To Destress, Relax and Enjoy: Find Pictures & Videos of beautiful Bubbles | Fabulous Crystal | Amazing Gel | Beautiful Ice | Ancient Machines | Gorgeous Rocks | Mineral Gallery | Alien Life Forms and more. Come over and chill for a while


World Energy Awareness Event

Bringing more energy awareness to the world by using energy work to change the world!