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The 6th Sense

The 6th sense is the sensations we can feel in the physical body which have no physical origin.

These 6th sense sensations are generated by energy movements through the energy body; and just as with physical sensations (1st sense, sensations felt in the physical body which have a physical origin) the 6th sense is designed to provide information, feedback and diagnostics, but on the state of the energy system and the energetic occurrences in the environment.

This is the classic "gut feeling" of intution (feedback on an external energy occurrence) as well as the gut feeling of fear (feedback to an internal energy occurrence).

The 6th sense is quite real; all human beings have this sense unless there is significant structural damage, and all emotions belong to the 6th sense. At the high end, a 6th sense sensation or emotion becomes indistinguishable from physical pain and is called psychosomatic pain.

To make the distinction between 1st sense and 6th sense sensations, we ask, "What can you feel?" and "What can you feel inside?" respectively.

People who have a good connection with the additional data flow produced by the 6th sense are said to be in possession of "emotional intelligence."


6th Sense Definition first given in EMO Energy In Motion 2011.


The 6th sense provides an additional 16.7% information about reality absolute. This is essential information without which the world doesn't make sense, and the behaviour of human beings doesn't make sense.

The 6th sense is as important to survival as is sight and hearing.

To (re)activate the 6th sense, stop three times a day and ask the following questions.

1 What can I see?

2. What can I hear?

3. What can I feel?

4. What can I scent?

5. What can I taste?

6. What can I sense? (How does all of that "make me feel inside"?)


The basic EMO Energy In Motion instruction is to ask, "Where do you feel this in my body? Show me with your hands."

Practice this to improve your 6th sense integration:

  • On emotions: Instead of saying you are angry, or stressed, or sad, or delighted or happy, ask, "Where do I feel this emotion in my body?" and put your hands on the place/s where you can feel this. The 6th sense sensations are perfectly real and this exercise brings the 6th sense sensation to conscious awareness.
  • On objects: Loved or hated objects, desired objects, works of art: "Where do I feel this in my body?" These are the real 6th sense energy responses to the object.
  • On people: "Where do I feel this person in my body?" If you feel nothing at all, you probably have a shield against that person's energy. Normally, human beings respond the most powerfully to other human beings.
  • On environments: "Where do I feel this (garden, ocean, office, house, landscape) in my body?"

To find more 6th sense exercises, or energy awareness exercises, which is the same, please see here.