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Aroma Energy - Aromatherapy Energy Healing


Aromatherapy plus energy equals aromaenergy

Magic Bottle of Aromaenergy Aromatherapy Oils


Aroma Energy is working instead of with the chemical properties of aromatherapy essential oils to work with the energy forms contained in the aromatherapy essential oils directly.

Aromatherapy essential oils are incredibly concentrated and energy rich, transmitting a wonderfully powerful and uplifting kind of nature energy which can be used in energy nutrition, healing but also, to simply experience better emotions.

Working with aroma energy can create wonderful results especially in mood disorders and the treatment of eating disorders and addictions.

Aroma energy combines beautifully with EMO and Project Sanctuary.

Project Sanctuary Aroma Stories are used to give conscious awareness of the energy forms and a way to allow the energy mind to flash up the correct remedy.

Click the bottle above for an experience with aroma energy.