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Energy & The Word

Energy & The Word

A lot of the words used by energists around the world are translations from old systems which were originally written in a very different language.

Mistranslations and misunderstandings arise; this is an essay about the use of words to describe energetic realities and how we need to really think about how we are talking about energy in the English language in the 21st Century.

The worlds of energy - the invisible, currently un-measurable realms of reality absolute - are confusing to the human conscious mind at the best of times. This is a huge problem when it comes to communicating about energy experiences, energy based activities and the human energy body and its manifestations.

I've been working for the best part of 40 years by now to try and sort out that confusion and make some kind of sense of it all; here are some key words from energy which cause particular problems and really need to be reviewed.

Before we go there, I need to start with a basic "observation," which is at the heart of much of the problem and creates totally unnecessary conflict.

We can't see energy.

Not with our eyes of day. I'm not saying that it isn't possible; there is certainly the idea that we *could* *see* those levels of reality. If this is the case, then we are in a place at the moment where we are not using the right neurological pathways to make energy really visible to the average man in the street.

If you personally do not see a luminous web of light when you're looking at another person across the desk from you, then you are like most of us - you can't see energy.

There are innumerable people talking about "chakras" for example and what they are doing in the vast majority is to hallucinate some kind of image, like that of a Catherine wheel firework, over what they are really seeing - which is just a person, standing there.

This is extremely dangerous and takes us away from the reality of any really existing energy centre in a really existing place in the human energy body; and noticing this, "chakra" was the very first word I banned from usage altogether when I started talking to people about the reality of their own energy systems and how they might function.

Here is an example of how that works and why it is important to get people out of their chakras and into reality for a change.

An EFT practitioner was instructed to work with a client who had a problem which manifested in tightness in the throat and a feeling of outward pressure pressing in on his throat.

Instead of working with what was really there, the experience of pressure, the EFT practitioner started a round of tapping on, "the injured throat chakra."

As a result, nothing happened. There was no change in the presenting conditions of the client; which is not surprising because instead of the real problem which is causing the restriction in the throat the client can feel, he's tapping on something the EFT practitioner has hallucinated instead.

Rapport between client and practitioner is broken; and more importantly, rapport between reality and the practitioner has broken down.

That is not a good place to find oneself in; and that is exactly the place where so much energy healing of old went off track, went into cloud cuckoo's land, and made energy work ineffective and random at best, unpredictable, weird, useless.

Back in the day, I started to wonder how to make it so that energy healers would stop hallucinating and instead, focus on the client in the right way. I had banned the word and usage of "chakra" and that was a good start but people were still hallucinating all sorts, and most importantly, kept "intuiting" problems that were not the client's problems, but their own problems instead.

To make matters even worse, they would then go on to offer all manner of metaphors to their clients which caused such confusion and mayhem, it really was little wonder that sensible, intelligent people would turn away from that and say, "That's just total nonsense, I want nothing to do with this!"

Rightfully so. I am a long term energist and I felt exactly the same!

So I went one step further and banned metaphors altogether. All of them.

No more meridians. No more chakras. No more rusty black pitted swords piercing my heart. No more inner children weeping rivers of blood that flood from my solar plexus. No more demonic possessions and no more thoughtfields, either.

In fact, no more words to describe energy at all any longer apart from strictly physical sensations being described in the simplest of possible terms.

Out went anger, sadness, depression, grief, shame and guilt as well.

Instead, I made people talk about what they can really feel in their bodies.

And all of a sudden, energy work started to work.

It started to work not to bring about miraculous healings of cancer and AIDs but instead, to give people different experiences in their own body.

Instead of having a feeling of pressure in the throat, the throat feels tingly, open, and the breathing has become much deeper.

Cause and effect. Application of energy work to this man's real throat and a predictable result ensues. It's all very simple - once you drop the metaphors and stick with what you can feel.

Then we discovered that what you can feel is energy movements and energy states, and that's actually our 6th sense. Wow. We have an additional, hitherto entirely unexplored sense at our disposal which gives us information about that which we cannot see, or hear, or taste, or smell, or feel physically through the receptors in our skin.

Yay! The conundrum of the gut instinct, intuition, what emotions are, where they come from, how to work with them and how to know energy is real solved in one fell swoop - simply by banning inappropriate words and finding simpler, more precise definitions and ways to talk and think about what is really happening.

Without dealing with the words we are using to describe and think about reality, we would never have been able to create this powerful, hard hitting and entirely practical definition of emotions, what they are and what to do with them.

Which brings me to my next word which really needs to be changed - subtle energy.

This is a term that is often used by people who work with energy in one way or the other, to try and distinguish energy work from the way physicists use the term.

It comes from the idea that there are many subtle bodies of invisible energy which reside at different levels of reality, which is of course, perfectly correct; but the word "subtle" is a bad mistranslation from the original words, such as "light" and it creates totally the wrong idea about energy in people's minds.

There is nothing subtle about how energy works through human beings and their bodies and emotions.

There is nothing subtle about the pain of a broken heart (of energy) from which people can and do die; there's nothing subtle about a teenager jumping off a motorway bridge because they can't stand their emotions any longer, and there's nothing subtle about a rape victim cutting their own body with razor blades and glass shards to alleviate the unbearable pressure within.

There is nothing subtle about dropping a nuclear bomb on a city full of civilians because you don't like them.

This is hardcore stuff; it's important, it is responsible for humanity's ills, evils and insanities, and as such, it is actually much more important to the entire human race from the cradle to the grave than just healing AIDs or cancer.

Until and unless people become aware of how important energy is, how it is THE reason for people doing mad stuff - including modern scientists who are saddled by their own emotional disturbances as is everyone else! - we're doomed to repeat the old in every discipline and make matters worse and worse over time, as we do.

So no more "subtle" energy please. If you work with light bodies and traditional energy work, use the term "light" not the mistranslation which came so much later "subtle." Then remember that focused light can burn through steel plates; that you can incinerate an ant with a looking glass, that  sunlight can sterilise bacteria and give you a sunburn. And skin cancer. Don't take the word "light" lightly or to mean it to be subtle; it is anything but that.

The last term I want to discuss is this one.

Energy "medicine."

What is that when it's at home?

What internal representations do people make when they hear the word, "medicine"?

I know where it comes from. The people who coined that term were thinking about medicine as in Native American Medicine Man, or "That's good medicine to give grace to the Gods before going on a hunt."

I understand that.

But who else does?

The first group of people who don't and won't understand that term in the shamanic meaning are those who have studied medicine, work in the field of medicine, and who create, sell and prescribe medicines.

They're going to be up in arms much worse than the physicists with their definition of energy (which is much later than the usage of energy as prana or chi, so we could take them to court for a trademark violation if we wanted to.)

By talking about energy "medicine" rather than energy work, or energy research, or energy therapy, it sounds to those in the medical professions as though we are trying to muscle in on what they are doing and replace them.

I know there are people out there who would love to do just that; I'm not amongst them. I believe that the third field in the mind, body, spirit triad is a field in its own right and deserves its own methodology, tools, scientific instruments, protocols and procedures, none of which have anything to do with what the physicians get up to. Leave the body to them and we do the energy body - what could be more simple and more profitable?

But energy "medicine" has something that the word "energy" doesn't share - a public perception. There are only few people in the world who have taking courses of study that made them think of energy in the physicist's way; but every person age 5 and up will have met medicine, and medicines, and have taken medicines and medications for their various ills.

A "medicine" if you ask people (and please do, it is a good learning experience!) in the street, is a brown bottle with a green liquid inside that makes you better.

Or it may be a brown bottle with white pills inside that make you feel better.

Either way, what it absolutely isn't, is hands on healing, crystal healing, soul healing, pranic healing, emotional healing, energy body healing.

From a PR standpoint, that's the kind of powerfield even a big PR company wouldn't like to take on. "Too much hard work to try and change that," they would say, "Plus every time a person takes a pill for their headache or visits a friend in hospital it'll all break down again ..."

Remind me what the homeopaths sell and how that's packaged ...?

If that wasn't good reason enough, there's the problem with the confusion the word "medicine" creates for the practitioners. Am I a doctor or am I a healer? If I prescribe charged water, am I prescribing a medicine? Is their body going to heal? What am I healing? Who am I? Should I study anatomy, medical diagnosis, chemistry? Aaargh ...

For energy healing, that's a disaster. Energy healing should be for the energy body. That's where it goes, that's where it acts *exclusively.*

If there is any change in physical conditions after the fact, great. Yay! But that's not the point of energy healing. The point of energy healing is to heal the energy body.

That's the right thing to do!

The energy body has been ignored, bitterly neglected and is in desperate need of specialists to come forward and finally, finally take care of it.

The energy body needs to be known as a reality to their owners; as a hugely important part of themselves that needs daily maintenance, attention, care, feeding - everything!

By getting the 2nd and 3rd fields mixed up, you get to situation where neither are happy, neither are as effective as they could be, and any research that's done is going to be weird, by any other term.

You can do endless studies on how much faster a broken leg will heal if the person also receives treatment for the energy body - and all you are going to prove is that there is a link between the energy body and the physical body.

And that's the oldest hat ever!

I'm really laughing here, that's really so elementary, that doesn't need to be "proven" for it gets us absolutely nowhere.

Forget the physical leg completely. Leave it to the local hospital to x-ray it, set it right, put a good plaster cast on it. They have millennia of experience in doing that, it's their job.

You, as an energy healer, focus on the energy leg. Do a good job on the energy leg and whatever else that particular energy body needs from you and all is well with the world.

Both the physical leg and the energy leg has been taken care of. You can write up your case story and now add to the data on the healing of energy legs, which can be of interest for those who come into it and learn about our modality in due course.

What then happens is that the patient thus treated will tell their doctor that the energy work they received really helped them heal and they're so happy that their doctor did a good job, and the energy healer did a good job, and they're feeling well taken care of.

Eventually, the doctors will start understanding that referring patients to an energy specialist is just as much par of the course as is referring a client to physical therapy, or to a psychologist, or to any specialist who *also* treats that patient.

That's a step in the right direction; and for where we are at, seems to me the easiest and most natural pathway to achieving what we all want - more energy awareness and better treatments for the energy body.

The 3rd field in the mind, body, spirit triad is completely clear and free. There is hardly any legislation against it, and if we stick to it, we're not butting heads with psychologists, chemists, or doctors. By not using the term "medicine" and coming up with a better translation for what it was that the original Native American shamans actually said back in the day, we can instantaneously remove so much confusion and unnecessary conflict, it's well worth doing. "Re-branding" is a really good move when times change so I would be more than glad to see this done in the field of real energy work, to really start setting it apart from the physicians and put focus where it is so desperately needed - not on fighting the established systems in place for taking care of mind and body, but simply adding the additional dimension of modern energy work which is so essential for true health and happiness.

Energy work is a topic in and of itself that needs real attention; it won't get this if we try to shoehorn it somehow into the existing fields.

It is a part of this "identity creation" of the modern 3rd field to really think about the words we use, what they mean, so we can come to a basic agreement on what we're doing and why we're doing it. From there, we can then go on to establish our own new methods and ways of doing things; freely, without being bound by concepts and reasons which are relevant in the other fields, but not in ours. This is also the baseline for finding out what kind of technologies we might employ and for what purposes.

It's a very interesting time to be here, to be sure.

Where I do have some hope that this time around we can actually really make some progress in the science of energy in the modern world is because of emotion.

Emotion is in our field; it is emotion which has stopped people from changing their minds or their words in the past and which has caused so much havoc in the systems we see today.

Emotion is the first and most direct expression of the movements of energy through the energy body; and by finally "mastering our emotions" we have some hope that we might come to a consensus eventually on the underlying principles we are working with here, what we want to achieve, and how we want to communicate.

Silvia Hartmann

February 16th, 2012

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