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The Guild of Energists was founded in 1998 and is the world's largest Modern Energy organisation with 1 members active in 108 countries.

We specialise in energy based solutions for individuals and organisations that make the world a less stressed, happier, social and more creative place to live.


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Energy Healing - The Facts About Energy Healing, Healing Hands, Spiritual Healing ...

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Energy Healing Hands - Healing Hands Of Energy For The Energy System


Energy Healing - What It Isn't And What It Doesn't Do

Let's start at the very beginning.

Energy Healing is NOT for broken bones or the last stages of terminal diseases.

Please understand this:



Energy Healing - What Is It Good For?!

If energy healing doesn't heal broken bones, cancer or AIDS, then what is good for?! Why bother with energy healing at all?!

Answer: Because people with a BROKEN ENERGY SYSTEM can't live properly.

They can't think right. They can't FEEL right. They can't HEAL right.

They are in a CATASTROPHE which is only going to get worse, and worse.

It's just the same as not being able to eat right, or sleep right - the physical problems WILL follow.

And without a decent diet and decent rest, the body can NOT repair ITSELF or recover from serious illness.

If the energy system is broken, the body likewise cannot recover properly - even though it keeps on trying.


Energy Healing - What Heals What?!

Healing Hands, Hands On Healing, Spiritual Healing, Laying On Of Hands - that's all the same as energy healing in essence.

You CAN NOT HEAL the energy system with your PHYSICAL hands.

Your healing hands are not the same as your PHYSICAL hands.

If you are going to use energy healing, spiritual healing, or wish to heal by "laying on of hands", it is your ENERGY HANDS that do the work in energy healing - ON the energy system.


Spiritual Healing Angel Energy Diagram


What's The Difference Between "Spiritual Healing" and "Energy Healing"?

There is NO difference between energy healing and spiritual healing.

Both energy healing and spiritual healing describe the essential healing of our "energy system"

In the past, what we now call the energy system was known as "our spirit" or you could also say, our "energy person".


Energy Healing Crystal - Crystal Vibrational Healing Is Energy Healing

Energy Healing - Do I Have To Be A Believer?!

No! You do not have to believe in anything to either give or receive energy healing.

The energy system, spirit or energy person is ABSOLUTELY REAL.


And EVERYBODY knows this - apart from Western Science, 1900 - 2005, in all the MILLENNIA of human development, which still to this day denies the existence of the energy body at their own peril and loss - and at ours.

EMO PROVES to ANYONE who wants to TEST THIS FOR THEMSELVES that the energy system is a REALITY, and that it needs HEALING - ENERGY HEALING.


Energy Healing - Healing The Heart Of Energy - Heart Healing

Energy Healing - How Do I Know I Need Energy Healing?!

The answer to this question is extremely simple.

It is YOUR OWN EMOTIONS (and the behaviours DRIVEN by those emotions as well as the disease or illness CAUSED by those emotions) that tell you "the state of your spirit" - or how well your energy system is functioning.

Disturbed emotions (stress, sadness, anger, grief, rage, anxiety, fear, depression et al) come directly from a disturbed energy system.

A disturbed energy system LEADS DIRECTLY to disturbed thinking and actions and finally, to PHYSICAL DISEASE.

If you are happy, proactive, positive, motivated and JOYFUL, your energy system is working well and you don't need energy healing.

If you are not, then you DO NOT NEED CHEMICAL MEDICATION (which is physical in origin) but instead, you need ENERGY HEALING.


Energy Healing In The Quantum Universe


What Is So Special About EMO Energy Healing?

Unlike many older systems of energy healing, EMO did NOT derive from the mutterings of a burning bush, communications from some alien entity or mysterious tablets that no-one has ever seen.

  • EMO is the RESULT of over 25 year's worth of RESEARCH into the REAL LIFE effects of the energy worlds on REAL people.

EMO restores the CAUSE AND EFFECT between disturbances in the energy system or spirit and the disturbances that this brings to thought, action, behaviour and HEALTH - DIRECTLY, and in the direct EXPERIENCE of any person who engages in the basic energy healing techniques of EMO.

EMO functions as an ENERGY HEALING system because it cuts straight through all the nonsense and old wife's tales and goes to work REPAIRING the energy system, restoring the "spirit person" in essence and thus, bringing back the "Even Flow" to the human energy system.

When the energy system works again, we IMMEDIATELY experience POWERFUL POSITIVE EMOTIONS as a direct result - joy, hope, delight, brightness, being connected, being powerfully alive.

As we are there, as we EXPERIENCE these changes there and then, we begin to understand how our energy system, our thoughts, bodies and emotions are working IN REALITY.

This is the STARTING POINT TO TRUE HEALING in every sense of the word, and including physical rejuvenation and healing as well.


What Are The Benefits Of EMO Energy Healing

Compared To Older Energy Healing Systems?

There are far too many benefits of EMO Energy Healing, both for the practitioner (ETP) as well as for the client or self help user to list here.


Amongst the main benefits of EMO Energy Healing are:

Finally, here is an Energy Healing system that is entirely logical, elegant, structurally CORRECT AND ENJOYABLE:

  • EMO is simple and entirely in keeping with the basic principles of Sacred Geometry that underlies ALL events in the Creative Order.

Energy Healing that has NO dogma, NO religious alignments, NO guess work, NO leaps of faith required:

  • EMO is REAL, it is STRUCTURAL, and you can feel this for yourself. You do not have to hope, dream or take any "guru's" word for it that it will work eventually - YOU feel it, YOU know it, YOU understand it.

EMO provides DIRECT contact and interaction with the energy system - NO intuition, special talents, mysterious or "forbidden powers" required:

  • EVERYONE has an energy body, healing hands, a spirit person and EVERYONE can learn to use this fact. The Creative Order made us the way we are, and we have all we need right here to get started using ourselves differently, and in the way we were STRUCTURALLY DESIGNED TO FUNCTION.

Energy Healing that needs NO gurus, NO masters, NO ascended "teachers", NO "Super"men - We are ALL Human Beings and we're in this together!

  • There is NO dominance hierarchy between the healer and the healee here - we engage in the Client Practitioner DANCE of two equals with ONE GOAL - to restore the Even Flow, which means to work as we were designed to work by the Creative Order. When we begin to move closer to our own original design blueprint and our energy systems start working as they should, we begin to exhibit abilities that some think of as being "superhuman" - but they are only and absolutely HUMAN, because we only use that what we already have.

Energy Healing that needs NO guesswork, NO "secret knowledge", NO maps, charts, lists, points, complicated diagrams:

  • The client KNOWS where it hurts and what the problem is. We go straight THERE to restore health and Even Flow. We don't guess or intuit or tell people what's wrong with them, instead we listen and we ask them to show us where it hurts. Nothing could be more simple, yet more effective in "finding out where the injuries lie".

EMO Energy Healing does not conflict with allopathic healing, herbal healing, psychology or any other form of energy or spiritual healing but instead, enhances EVERYTHING.

  • EMO is REAL, and this being so, it supports, ENHANCES and CHARGES the results of ALL AND ANY other technique or system that is also real, honest and true. EMO Energy Healing can be used IN CONJUNCTION WITH psychology, energy psychology, EFT, TFT, Therapeutic Touch, massage therapy, Reiki, crystal healing, kinesiology, reflexology, crystal healing, yoga, aikido, hypnosis, Feng Shui, to name but a few of the disciplines where results can be SIGNIFICANTLY enhanced by EMO.

In EMO Energy Healing, the Creative Order itself is ON YOUR SIDE.

  • As the body *wants* to repair itself and will continue to TRY, no matter how horrendous the circumstances, so the energy system and the human "spirit" has an INNATE DRIVE TOWARDS EVEN FLOW. EMO Energy Healing ASSISTS IN RESTORING THE EVEN FLOW - to put to rights what once went wrong. Because we are ALWAYS working WITH the systems, EMO is remarkably easy and for the practitioner, it is a huge relief to know that the Creative Order itself is on our side.

Energy Healer Collage - EMO Energy Healers from all over the world
EMO Practitioners All Around The World - All Ages, All Religions, All Walks Of Life - ALL PEOPLE.

Energy Healing Made REAL With EMO.

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