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The Guild of Energists was founded in 1998 and is the world's largest Modern Energy organisation with 1 members active in 108 countries.

We specialise in energy based solutions for individuals and organisations that make the world a less stressed, happier, social and more creative place to live.

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Energy Hypnosis

What is Energy Hypnosis?

Energy Hypnosis is designed to not make changes to a person's "mind" but instead to aid in the evolution of the energy body.

Rather than trying to "program" "the mind" or "the unconscious mind"* Energy Hypnosis affects the movement of energy through energy body.

* These terms are in inverted commas because they are undefined, confusing and misleading. Nobody knows what any of those things really are!

What is the evolution of the energy body?

There are three main things the energy body needs. The first is energy nutrition - food for the energy body, in other words. Energy hypnosis provides nutritious energies but also helps to soften and flow blockages which may have kept essential energy nutrients out.

The second is simple energy body healing. Many energy systems have been damaged by chance and by mismanagement and were never given any attention at all. All of energy hypnosis carries a strong healing intention.

The third is energy body development, growth, expansion = evolution. The energy body's evolution is limited by many things, and encouraging development and expansion, threshold shifts and activating new systems in the energy body is the prime purpose of energy hypnosis.

How does Energy Hypnosis work?

Energy Hypnosis creates a shared space into which the participant is invited to move and there, to participate in the events and activities being offered.

Unlike Classical Hypnosis, which liked to knock the conscious mind out of the way in order to somehow "program" the mysterious "unconscious mind," energy hypnosis is highly interactive in nature.

The idea is for the participant and the guide to work together, and for the conscious and unconscious (energy) mind to work together and form the SuperMind. This in and of itself is extremely healing and points the way to future evolution across the board.

What are the benefits of Energy Hypnosis?

Energy Hypnosis provides all the usual benefits associated with Guided Meditation and Modern Hypnosis, such as stress relief, positive energy and encouragement, energy nutrition and healing, but it has the additional benefit of energy system evolution and expansion.

Energy Hypnosis also has the unique feature that it provides experience for the conscious mind to expand into the realms of the energy mind. Energy Hypnosis vastly improves conscious to energy mind communication, which results in having better and clearer access to memories, internal representations as well as better control over imagination, fantasy and visioning.

In short, energy hypnosis is a wonderful experience of stress relief, energy nutrition, physical relaxation/empowerment and energy body expansion and the perfect choice for the modern energist.

We recommend:

HypnoDreams Volume 1: The Wisdom of The Water

Silvia Hartmann 2002, DragonRising Publishing








Energy Hypnosis

A NEW Form of Hypnosis for intelligent, 21st Century people.

Features Of Energy Hypnosis | HypnoDreams | HypnoSolutions | Energy Hypnosis Programs | Energy Hypnosis Scripts & MP3s Free Downloads

The aim of energy hypnosis is not to knock the conscious mind out of the way to "implant" suggestions over which a person has no control; but instead, to use the processes of hypnosis to bring a person's mind, energy mind, body and energy system into harmony so that the "whole person" has an experience of working together for change and healing.

The trance states involved in energy hypnosis are different from classic hypnosis; this is a high, light, fine trance that is closely related to lucid dream states and allows a person to choose whether they want to become actively involved in the session (people who can do EMO/Project Sanctuary or both) or alternatively, choose to simply relax and be taken on the journey.

Features Of Energy Hypnosis

Amongst the key features of energy hypnosis are:

- An absence of patterns that are designed to "bore the conscious mind into a coma" or to confuse the conscious mind so much, it gives up trying to work. This is held in energy hypnosis to be divisive, and unhelpful.

- The person who is engaging in energy hypnosis retains the final say over how deep they want to go, and they always retain their ability to say "No!" to any suggestion or movement of energy or consciousness.

- No clunky army style "commands" that might cause even more internal conflict and in the long term, confusing and suffering are being "installed"; instead the person is presented with healthy and beautiful alternatives of thinking, doing, feeling and being to move towards with volition and choice.

- The presence of a very wide variety of rich and nutritious energy forms being evoked during a single session.

- The movements of consciousness and energy that cause old problem systems to become unstuck, so a healthy flow of information and energy is brought back into the systems of mind, body and energy body.

- The co-operation as equals between the energy hypnosis facilitator and the person themselves to achieve change and/or healing.

Energy hypnosis journeys are very beautiful, complex and richly nourishing.

Energy hypnosis journeys are being created from streams of information that come from the energy mind in the first place rather than being consciously constructed, which is what makes them so elegant, poetic, rhythmic and NATURAL for both the energy hypnotist, as well as the person who takes the journey.

Energy hypnosis is a very advanced tool for holistic, realistic, natural and powerful change, not towards some kind of societal template, but to aid a person on their personal journey and find their own path in this life.

Energy hypnosis scripts are generated by the Art Solutions process.

There are two different types of energy hypnosis scripts, HypnoDreams and HypnoSolutions.


HypnoDreams are primarily designed to improve energy mind to conscious mind communication and to teach a person how to enter into the lucid dream states required in energy hypnosis. The set up for hypnodreams is extremely expansive, all over learning, exploration, experience and development of the human mind/s; and to correct as well as activate those parts of the human neurology which are involved in the processes of higher thought, creativity and complex systems logic.


HypnoSolutions have a slightly different set up which includes a specific purpose, making them more easily accessible to people looking for "weightloss" or "relaxation".

A HypnoSolution is an Art Solutions derived energy hypnosis program with a purpose to satisfy the conscious mind's need to "get things done" and obviously, to create the energy system/energy mind/conscious mind solution to the problem in question.


Energy Hypnosis Programs

Examples of energy hypnosis programs include:Energy hypnosis hypnodreams logo spiral

The HypnoDreams Trilogy

Consisting of 3 sets of 7 journeys each, the original HypnoDreams trilogy contains fantastic energy forms and multiple opportunities for deep change, activating the neurology, exploration, relaxation and healing.

The HypnoSolutions Series

The HypnoSolutions are absolutely deeply effective REMEDIES which you would take the same as you would take an aspirin for a headache, a stimulant when you are low on energy or a tranquiliser for depression or anxiety - only, HypnoSolutions don't run out, there are NO NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS, no addiction problems, and by design the HypnoSolutions are generative as they act to restore mind/body/spirit and heal the problem from the energy system up.

The Appollonius Quartet

This is an advanced 4 part energy hypnosis program designed to activate and restore psychic abilities and the psychic circuitry in particular. With course guide manual so that a person can become actively involved in using this program for significant enhancement of psychic skills and abilities.

The Project Sanctuary Far Journeys

This is a very advanced program to assist Project Sanctuary players in achieving further reach and to be able to travel much further afield by providing a "deep space" intermediary jump off point so that the consciousness learns to stay lucidly awake and aware even on the "very far journeys".

New Ways To Achieve Old Outcomes: The Energy Hypnosis Specials

Foe beginners there is a wide range of energy hypnosis programs available.

From calming anxiety in a completely different way, to inducing deep delta trance sleep; from autogenic health and weightloss to past life regression, and from prosperity work to inner child healing, these elegant and powerful energy hypnosis programs offer a very different approach to solving old problems for modern, 21st century intelligent human beings who don't want to be "subjects" but take an active role in their own processes of healing, change, and evolution.

Download Free Energy Hypnosis Scripts & MP3s

  • Energy hypnosis demos, energy hypnosis script book "Our Dimensions" can be downloaded free from which also carries the full range of hypnodreams, hypnosolutions, and energy hypnosis specials.
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