Silvia Hartmann's Energy Magic

The Guild of Energists was founded in 1998 and is the world's largest Modern Energy organisation with 1 members active in 108 countries.

We specialise in energy based solutions for individuals and organisations that make the world a less stressed, happier, social and more creative place to live.


Energy Magic

Energy magic is the art of working with the energy dimensions of people, objects and the Universe at large to create events and changes which appear as "magic" to those who don't understand energy.

Energy magic covers all the traditional forms of magic such as

  • spells, rituals and potions;
  • fortune telling and clairvoyance,
  • protection and glamours;
  • relationships with plants, animals and crystals;
  • relationships with the higher self and higher beings,
  • and it also deals with setting and controlling the energetic properties of physical objects such as artefacts, charms, totems, symbols and sigils.

Energy Magic does all of this reasonably, rationally and logically, without any superstition, medieval thinking or referring to mysterious unknown ancient writings of any kind. 

Energy Magic is modern magic for modern people. 

Here is a very short introduction to the basic ideas of energy magic.


Energy Magic

Energy magic reality iceberg illustration

In order to understand energy magic or real magic and work with it correctly, we have to understand that the world is made up of some hard components, and these are the tips of the iceberg of much larger structures, which are the energy dimensions.

Our icebergs also float in oceans of energy, on energy worlds, which exist within giant energy solar systems, and those are parts of even greater energetic galaxies, which swirl in the even greater context of the entire Universe.

All things have an energy component, and in order to work with real reality which is the hard plus the energy dimensions correctly, we need to first of all, read the energetic realities behind the scenes of material objects, and then put them together in such a way that we achieve a form of cocktail that does what we want it to do.

  • No-one can become a proper practitioner of magic or ever do any real magic who cannot read and understand energetic realities.

Such a person is energy blind and they will try to make up for this by using recipes from a spell book, copying out ideas and symbols and meanings that other people who were not so afflicted worked out and wrote down.

However, this doesn't help; someone without taste buds can't cook well, even if you give them the best recipe books of the ages, the best cookers and pots, and the best ingredients, they will NEVER become a master chef.

Worse, their food will never even taste good enough for a simple family dinner – and how could it?

The good news is that actually only very few people are really energy blind; most just simply haven't opened their eyes of night, as we call them, to take a good long look at the real energy dimensions of everything.

As always, 99% of that is fear - there is a lot of information in the energy dimensions, and when all of a sudden someone is presented with view of the world where everything is alive, everything moves and shifts and there is a million times more going on at any given time than they ever suspected there was, a person can easily freak out and reflexively shut down their eyes of night, "This is too much! I'm scared! I don't want to know that much ..." style.

The fact is that this enormous amount of information about the energy worlds needs to be processed not by our conscious mind, but by our energy mind, which is a part of every person's energy body.

In order to do magic properly, we need to access the energy mind and use it to give us information about the world, and tell what we need to do in order to make changes there, taking EVERYTHING into consideration.

The energy mind doesn't work with "thoughts" or "words" but instead, works with sensions. Unlike the visions of old, sensions are not just what you see, but like a lucid dream, they have information that you feel through your energy body, hear through your other ears, see through your eyes of night and it all feels very real, much more than three dimensional, and fully autogenic.

For a practitioner of magic, the ability to step into sensions is the first order of the day.

Once this becomes successfully achieved, everything else is a piece of cake, quite literally.

The energy mind is the gateway to the higher powers of the Universe, to one's own soul and higher aspects; and to the real information about the world around us.

Once we open this gateway, we gain access to premium information that we can use in our magic to make it safe and powerful in every way.

This premium information includes guidance and wisdom from ancestors and higher beings; it includes recipes for spells, instructions for rituals, information about how to make potions and charms, and is in essence our own personal book not of shadows, but of wonderous light filled existence, that is already written, already there, and all we have to do is to open it, and step inside.

Energy magic thereby works with the energy dimensions that exist behind the facade of everyday material objects.

Energy magic makes magic real, accessible, doable and most of all LOGICAL.

Energy magic is extremely powerful in the affects it has on the environment, on people, on animals, on reality itself.

As it is natural to human beings, energy magic is completely pure, neither good nor evil, black or white, but simply WHAT THERE REALLY IS, and about what happens when we begin to CHANGE THAT.