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Energy Magic

by Silvia Hartmann

Energy Magic

A Short Essay On What Is Energy Magic by Silvia Hartmann

Energy Magic

A Short Essay On What Is Energy Magic by Silvia Hartmann


Let's get one thing straight - all magic is energy magic.

There isn't some kind of "material magic" - that's just trickster stuff, sleight of hand, unfortunately the term "magic" has been perverted to be mostly denoting pulling rabbits out of hats and asking someone to pick a card, pick any card ...

This so annoyed Alister Crowley that he stuck a k at the end of the word to have a distinction back to the real heart of magic - magick with a k.

Me, I'm a lot more stubborn. Magic is magic, and just because the trickster people stole the word doesn't mean that I'll just let go of it. I keep using it, for magic is very real, and energy magic is of course, real magic.

Magic is all about shifting energetic realities in order to influence whatever happens next. You do not use magic to move a pile of Earth from here to there. You use a shovel, or preferrably a JCB. Hard, material stuff requires hard, material approaches to shift it, shape it, move it, change it.

So then, what's magic for?

It's for shifting, shaping, moving and changing that other stuff, the non-material stuff.

But why would we want to do that?

All we want is more money, bigger cars, better health care, more toys, more jewels, more earthly power ...

Who needs this energy stuff? It's invisible, most people don't even notice it at all or ever.

Why bother?

To be fair, these days, when someone says that to me, I just shrug and smile and say, "Don't bother. Don't worry about it. Excuse me while I go and stand over there now ..."

There are plenty of people who are fascinated by magic and have A SENSE of its wonder.

There are plenty of people who had experiences that changed them and opened their minds, rather than their eyes, to the existence of the very real energetic dimensions that are literally everywhere.

I'll talk to them instead, and the people who prefer JCBs can go do the other stuff.

It's a simple as that.

Now, back to energy magic, or just magic, which is how we people make an attempt to shape energetic realities to our will.

If we now seriously leave the winning of the lottery and never having to work again out of it, just for the next ten minutes or so, what kind of energetic reality do you want to influence? What do you want to do with your magic?

Me, I'm after changing the world of men. All of it, and permanently so.

That's a tricky task you might think, but it's the attempt that's the fun.

And there is only one way to do this. You can't do it by building pyramids, or launching space rockets.

You need to go much higher and much deeper, much wider and at the same time, much more here and now to accomplish a real changing of the world of men.

The real stories by which men live and die are written in energy.

They are written in a universal language that is the same for every single human being, no matter when, and no matter where.

It is a language that both men and women speak in their dreams of having lost their way and wanting to come home.

The words people use, the sounds they make, these might be different, but the stories are the same, time and time afresh, again and yet again.

Only magic can save the world of men.

It was magic that made it what it is today, and it doesn't matter how many bombs you throw at it, or how many McDonald's you build in the middle of a rainforest, only magic can evolve humanity out of these dark ages which have lasted already far too long.

We need a brand new magic for a brand new world.

We need a magic that is light and bright, beautiful and logical, loving and profound in its repercussions.

A human magic that is to the following generations as normal and as natural as playing with a mobile phone is for the toddlers of today.

Before we step into this, and start to make the energy magic of our days, it is a good idea to learn a little more about the worlds of energy first.

Now that is a personal journey that starts from a single person, their own body, their own mind, and their relationships with everything else.

Find out more about energy.

What it does for you. How it works in you. What it feels like. What happens when you play with it.

Energy magic - or just magic, to be sure - is quite real and it's a human birthright.

It's time to reclaim it, one person at a time.

When we put our experiences together, we learn something about the very structure of magic; and when we do, we enter into a new realm altogether.

This is a fact, and I am happy to consider that the invention of the printing press pales into insignificance in comparison with the tsunami of change caused by a few more energy aware people.

For now, we call it energy magic.

So we can delineate from the tricksters with their packs of cards.

It's magic.

Simply MAGIC.


Silvia Hartmann

January 1st, 2016




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Posted Jan 1, 2016 by Silvia Hartmann