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Energy Healing For Stress Exercise



Here is a transcript of the exercise to print out, keep and practice!



AK: There is a lot of stress around these days, so let us begin with Silvia Hartmann, the creator of EMO, Project Sanctuary and The Harmony Program.

Silvia will be taking us straight into the realms of living energy with this super simple anti-stress meditation that takes only a few moments and leaves you feeling much more relaxed!

SH: We all carry our stress in our bodies - that's where we put it, that's where it becomes a burden, and those are the places where illness can take hold.

Take a deep breath and pay attention to your body for a moment.

Where do you carry the worst of your stress?

Which part of your body feels the most tight, tense, heavy, locked up?

Put your hands there now or just point so we know exactly where this stress spot is located.

Now simply imagine
that you are
standing under
an energy shower,
and warm energy
is falling down
onto that stressed erea,
beginning to soften it up,
beginning to make it flow,
down and away,
stuck energy softening up
and flowing thru the channels
that were designed
to carry this energy away.

FEEL IT flowing down those channels
and all the way out of your body.

Move a little, if you will; use your hands to massage the erea a little to help the energy flow all the way, through and out, and breathe deeply.

Now, how does that feel?

That's already better, isn't it.

You can do this at any time, anywhere, and the more you remember to do this, the better you get at instant stress relief, using nothing but the real feelings in your body that tell you where you carry your stress, and a little flow of energy.

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