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Enlightenment For Modern Human Beings

by Silvia Hartmann

Enlightenment For Modern Human Beings

Today as ever, people seek enlightenment.

Many don't even know that they are seeking enlightenment and may think erroneously that they are seeking love, or wealth, or respect, or happiness; either way, human beings have a built in drive towards enlightenment.

But what is enlightenment, exactly? And if we knew what it was, would that make it easier to experience enlightenment ...?


For Modern Human Beings

Silvia Hartmann

What is Enlightenment? - Moment Of Enlightenemnt - Enlightenment Experiences - After Enlightenment - Modern Enlightenment In Brief

What Is Enlightenment?


The key is in the word.

Switch on the lights.

And all of a sudden, you can see what wasn't there to be seen before.

As the song goes,

"Amazing grace, how sweet the sound,

that saved a wretch like me,

I once was lost, but now I'm found,

was blind, but now I see."


Where people went wrong in the past is to fail to understand that "see" is a metaphor; it doesn't refer to "seeing" anything with your physical eyes.

When someone exclaims, "I see!" they don't mean that they see something.

They mean that they have understood something.

In the case of enlightenment, what people have understood is that there are realities beyond what the eye can see, or what current science can prove.

That the world is a much bigger and more amazing place than they ever thought it was, and that there are things going on all the time below the threshold of ordinary waking awareness that "bind the Universe" - and in so doing, make sense of it all.

The moment when an ordinary human being contacts the Creative Order and gains just the first and smallest "glimpse" of its reality, everything changes.

And that's the moment of enlightenment; that's when a person has become enlightened.

It is not an end result, however; it is merely a new level unlocked in an unfolding game of personal development that might have no end to it at all.


The Moment Of Enlightenment

There are actually many more enlightened people about than you might think.

There are many people who can tell you exactly when the moment happened in their life when "they realised that there is a God," or when, "everything expanded around me and I was a part of it all, just for an instance," or many other ways in which people will describe their own moment of enlightenment.

However, most of them don't know that their moment of enlightenment really was AN ENLIGHTENMENT EXPERIENCE, and that thus now, they can call themselves enlightened if they wish.

Even if ...

... they're still as broken physically and mentally as they ever were;

... they're still as poor, hopeless and hapless as they ever were;

... they're still in untenable and appalling situations in the Hard as they ever were;

... they're still in pain every day and don't know how to cope, as they ever were.


You see the big propaganda or lie about enlightenment is that all of a sudden you walk on water, behave like a prophet, complete change your personality for the better and make miracles happen when you snap your fingers.

But enlightenment doesn't work that way, not real enlightenment, anyway.

So let us ask,


What Happens During An Enlightenment Experience?

It is so simple.

We all have an energy body, and that energy body functions to a degree.

Bitterly neglected and entirely misunderstood by conscious minds who created the Hard in which we all find ourselves in, this energy body is far from perfect, far from healthy and drags along as best as it can.

But once in a while, and this can happen to any person, at any time, and in any circumstance, an evolution occurs and something snaps together, lights up a new and unfound set of circuits in the energy body and boom!

We have an enlightenment experience.

Instead of functioning at 5% of our capacity, all of a sudden we have 6%.

And that one extra percent makes all the difference to the way we think, how we feel, and most importantly, how much we can understand about ourselves and the worlds around us.

With that additional information and that additional energy, we can know more, do more than those who are still stuck at their 5% threshold.

However, this extra 1% is not enough to "save us in all ways."

It's only the beginning!

But now, it's a new game altogether and that will reflect in the choices an enlightened person makes after the fact.

For example, a man who was in an airplane disaster and thought he was going to die, and whose enlightenment experience happened just before the crash "when a great peace and calm descended upon him, all his fear just drained away and he knew he was going to be alright," came back and made significant decisions. To spend more time with his family; to find a job he actually enjoyed; to tell his son that he loved him at least once a week; and to celebrate life every day, no matter what.

He also continued to do battle with his existing alcohol addiction and had post traumatic stress disorder following his recovery from the injuries sustained in the crash; and to an outsider it may seem that he is not a very enlightened person.

Yet he is; and he is playing his game of life on a new level, on a new game board, where priorities have changed dramatically following his enlightenment event.

This man did something as well which other enlightened people also do - to research this extraordinary experience, try and understand it better, what was that that happened to him?

Has anyone else experienced something like it?

Is it really only various chemicals flooding his systems to produce the experience of total peace and love at the moment when he thought he was going to die?

Of course, anyone who has ever had an enlightenment experience simply laughs at that notion. But you would have to have been there to really understand ...

Generally, people who have had enlightenment experiences gravitate towards religion or modern personal development. This happens structurally because they know that they're not "finished" with this experience, and they feel in every fibre of their being that this was just a start, a first time ... and ask, what else is out there ...?


After Enlightenment

If we go back to the simple explanation that any enlightenment experience is an event in the energy body, we also have the simplest path laid out for us how to have further enlightenment experiences and go from 6% to 7%, 8% and more, becoming ever more enlightened as we evolve into real human beings ...

The simple path is this:

Look after your energy body!

Get to know your energy body.

Find out where it is injured and malfunctioning.

Find out what kind of energy nutrition your energy body needs - and feed it with the best quality nutrients you can get your metaphorical hands on.

Find out what is destructive to the functioning of your energy and protect it better.

THAT is the simple, direct path to not just having a well functioning and attractive energy body, but also getting ever more enlightened as you go.

So let me sum up the simple principles of real enlightenment once more.


Modern Enlightenment In Brief

1. People have real enlightenment experiences, and this happens in more people and more often than was known.

2. As soon as a person has had their first enlightenment experience, they have become to all intents and purposes "structurally enlightened."

3. Being enlightened for the first time is a start, an invitation, to seek more and further enlightenment.

4. As enlightenment happens ONLY in the energy body, by improving the functionings of the energy body we are also improving our chances of having further enlightenment experiences.

5. Every further enlightenment experience further evolves the human being in question.

6. Eventually, these evolutions will also change a person's circumstances in the Hard as their effectiveness, knowledge and experience about the world begins to expand.


So there we have it - structural enlightenment for real human beings in a nutshell.

It's easy, it is inordinately simple: get to know your own energy body and take good care of it. This will take you on a path which will eventually transform your entire incarnation across the board in the most wonderful way.


Silvia Hartmann

Author, EMO: Emotions, Energy, Information & Love


What is Enlightenment? - Moment Of Enlightenemnt - Enlightenment Experiences - After Enlightenment - Modern Enlightenment In Brief

Enlightenment (c) Silvia Hartmann 2011. All Rights Reserved.

Posted Aug 29, 2011 by Silvia Hartmann