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Events Psychology

Events PsychologyEvents Psychology takes its name from “event” - a very special experience which changes the person who has experienced this event from that moment on, and forever.

That which flashes before a person's mind's eye in the last seconds before their death is a sequence of events, in fact it is THEIR sequence of events that DEFINES THIS LIFE they are leaving.

  • Events are ONLY those rare, few chosen moments you remember when you are about to die; not all the decades of nothingness that lie in between these events.

These extra-special events are unique to you and to your life, and that is why we say they define your life overall, and altogether.

Events set likes and dislikes, direct thoughts, emotions and behaviours, and create further actions (and events) which altogether make up the Events Matrix, which is a person's life.

There are four types of events and all follow the same basic structure. The first are trauma events; events held to be negative. The second are Guiding Stars, events which are held to be positive (enlightenment experiences). The third are the unknowable experiences which can't be said to be either good or bad, but are events because at the moment they happened, the person's life changed and it was "never the same after that". The fourth are missing events.

By working particularly with events in a structured way, it becomes possible to help a person heal, change and evolve.

Conversely, events psychology tells us that there can be no change, healing and evolution UNLESS an event comes into existence.

This gives a goal and guideline as to how to structure teaching, healing and personal development to create events that really have the power to heal, change or evolve a person.

Working with events gives a logical, clear path to understanding yourself, and other people.