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Healing Habitats

The Healing Habitats

Practising Healing Habitats - The Sleep Habitats

Healing Habitats are a form of Project Sanctuary habitat that are especially designed for a person to go inside, rest, and soak up essential energy nutrition to help them in moments of need.

This need may be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual in nature, or a combination of all of these.

When a person is unwell and/or unhappy, there is always a shortage of good clean fresh nutritious energy forms to keep their energy body strong.

With a strong energy body, first of all you get serene and even positive emotions, even if the physical body is sick and suffering; so this is a HUGE bonus.

But it is also held by many that all recovery starts in the energy system and in the energy body; and many more believe that the physical body is greatly helped by a strong and supportive energy system behind the scenes.

  • By directing the conscious mind to enter into a healing habitat, first of all we get the EXACT RIGHT "dose" of energy vitamins, a hugely complex cocktail with many, many different components, that the energy body needs at that specific time.

This energy prescription is calculated by the energy mind for the person in REAL TIME; which means that the healing habitat the person enters into AT THAT PRECISE MOMENT is EXACTLY the right one.

There is an infinity of potential healing habitats and to allow the energy mind to calculate one in real time for this one day, this moment, this purpose is absolutely priceless, fascinating and deeply and profoundly healing.

There is also a great metaphysical component to the healing habitats which is so soothing to people, especially when they are scared and/or sick.

The healing habitats are clearly otherworldly and very much soothe the spirit, as much as the many different forms of nature energies soothe the energy body and nourish and refresh the entire energy system.

It is also important to note that as a person enters into a healing habitat and rests there, HEALS there, they are NOT ...

... lying awake, tossing and turning;

... focusing on their pain or illness and make it grow and grow, at least in consciousness;

... thinking terrible thoughts and getting more and more stressed and exhausted.

  • It cannot be overestimated what the cessation of those clearly immensely damaging experiences during illness or disturbance DOES for a person over time.

The stress reduction alone must be worth a fortune in energetic terms; but then, there is the healing, soothing and refreshing energy intake whilst the person becomes relaxed and serene as well, so this is a double bonus that becomes, over time, more than the sum of its parts.


Practising Healing Habitats

There is EVERY MERIT in practising asking for and stepping into healing habitats BEFORE sickness sets in.

When the pathways for the conscious mind to travel into the habitats is THERE, and it is clear and easy to use, it is much easier to "find ones way to a healing habitat" in moments of stress or high disturbance.


The Sleep Habitats

The easiest way to practise entering into healing habitats is by using sleep habitats - going to a perfect place in time and space to go sleep in, every night.

A note: Using sleep habitats makes lucid dreaming much more likely, and easy to do, as the sleep habitat very practically sits at the crossroads between the conscious mind and the energy mind and provides a stepping stone into dreams.

To get the full benefit of the ability of the energy mind to calculate the perfect habitat in REAL TIME, it is important to ask each time for the perfect place in time and space to go to sleep in, rather than to travel to the same habitat over and over again, no matter how pleasing it may have been on previous occasions.

That way, when conditions in the human totality change radically (as is the case in high stress, disturbance, illness or disease) the travel to very specific and DIFFERENT habitats becomes easy and natural.


Healing Habitat Energy Exercises

Here are two useful and powerful self help energy exercises. Make good use of them.

The Hypno-Sleep Spiral exercise is particularly helpful for practising the basic movements of consciousness to enter into sleep habitats but is also an excellent pattern for sleeping under high stress which is so beneficial for healing and self healing.

The Healing with Nature Energy exercise is a simple way to learn to make and enter into healing habitats for all.


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