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Metasong is a form of language that arises naturally when one describes data streamed by the energy mind in real time.

Metasongs have each their own rhythm; this may be fast, or slow, but each metasong has a rhythm and this is important.

Metasongs use the language of metaphor throughout.

Metasongs are inherently hypnotic.

Metasongs often have metaphysical content.

A metasong may be a poem, a story, a spell, an invocation, a speech, a hypnodream, a meditation, a conversation, or any form of human communication, or any format and including songs, as long as it is streaming data from the energy mind in real time.

As all aspects of a metasong are involved in aligned data transmission, a metasong is more information rich than a consciously derived form of communication. It ihas more effect on the human neurology for the same reason.


An example of a metasong:

Oceans Of Energy - this "poem" which is in fact a metasong explains EMO in a different way than linear language.


Oceans of Energy



If you could shift

your point of view

for just a moment, as you

now grow still

and silent within,

without a thought or care,

without a thought of worry or desire,

then you might just begin to feel:


A power tingling in your fingertips

a breath that draws to you

a part of all there is, of which

you are a part,

and that surrounds you

buoys you, nourishes, protects


and reaches far and wide, and further still

into the deepest blues of oceans,

the deepest greens of mountain lakes

and all the creatures that reside

in forest groves, eternal deserts

as above,

the stars are dancing.


Oceans of Energy

and they lie at your fingertips,

for you to navigate and learn

to know the ancient arts

of balance, deep release

and once again restore

the Even Flow,

the Perfect State of Being.


Silvia Hartmann, 2001