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Psychosomatic Pain

ALL emotions, without exception, are feedback signals from the energy body, just as all physical sensations are feedback signals from the physical body.

All emotions ARE FELT THROUGH THE PHYSICAL BODY - that is how we know we are having an emotion, because we can feel it through physical sensations that do NOT have a physical cause.

  • In that way, ALL negative emotions are in fact, psychosomatic pain in EMO Emotion Theory, as all positive emotions are psychosomatic pleasures.

Negative emotions such as anger, sadness, despair etc. really hurt. Love pain is a particular example where a person can experience extreme pain, but also grief and bereavement, shock and trauma can be so physically painful that a person is disabled by the strength of the sensations.

Psychosomatic pain is the highest end form of emotional pain and denotes a very severe injury in the energy system that is located EXACTLY where the pain is felt.

Psychosomatic pain is thereby not a psychological problem but an energy system problem and needs the attention of someone who specialises in repairing the energy system to make it stop.

EMO practitioners specialise in repairing the energy system and also teach the client self help strategies for healing the causes of psychosomatic pain with excellent success.