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The Soul

In energy magic, the soul is not a concept or an idea but an actually existing energetic reality erea which forms a vital part of the human energy system.

Unlike other energy systems which have a physical reflection in the physical body, such as the brain and the neurology may be considered a reflection of the energy mind, and the physical heart may be considered a reflection of the heart of energy, the soul does not have a physical reflection.

  • It is therefore an energy system that is STRUCTURALLY INDEPENDENT OF the living human body.

This means quite practically that this energy system can "survive" the death of the physical body and go on to do other things "beyond physical death".

In Events Psychology, the idea is posited that in order for a human soul to be strong enough and DEVELOPED ENOUGH to "rise upon death of the physical body" it needs to have received sufficient energy nutrition during the person's life time; much as one might think of an embryo (soul) being nourished throughout the gestation period (human life) so it is strong enough to survive the transfer from the womb (the physical body) to living by itself outside of the womb.

The soul requires very specific energy nutrition; this takes the form of very highly charged EVENTS which literally catalyse the growth of the soul, or the soul's evolution, to the next stage of maturity.

Although this cannot be known with empirical certainty at this time, the idea has been put forward that some souls simply aren't capable of sustaining themselves after death and will "blow away on the breeze;" others may be half formed and manifest as ghosts or spirits; and some may be able to re-incarnate to complete themselves through further lives so that they too, become strong enough to be reborn as a fully functioning, energy only unit that will then have a new path all of its own.

The soul is also considered to be the center of the psychic circuitry - das Zauberherz - and all true magic comes from and is powered by the soul.