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The Energy Of Learning

Is it possible to learn easily and swiftly? So fast it makes the teachers gasp? Everything and anything that can be learned - and not just human learning but learning deeply from everything around us - every animal, every plant, every rock and every person we ever meet? And learn not in a top level, "it's just a bunch of letters" way but in a deep knowing and familiarity with the topic? We think it is. Read on!


The Energy Of Learning

Is it possible to learn easily and swiftly? So fast it makes the teachers gasp? Everything and anything that can be learned - and not just human learning but learning deeply from everything around us - every animal, every plant, every rock and every person we ever meet? And learn not in a top level, "it's just a bunch of letters" way but in a deep knowing and familiarity with the topic? We think it is. Read on!

In NLP trainings one of the main challenges to the teachers and trainers is to somehow get the students into a state where they will actually learn something new, rather than to "filter" everything that is being presented through their old beliefs and understandings they already have; to get the students to interact honestly with the material, so they can actually learn something from this interaction.

Unfortunately, most if not all people do not approach learning in that way. They are critical, cynical and sit there with their arms crossed before them, tapping their fingers and an eyebrow raised, whilst demanding from the teacher to "show me what you've got".

This is of course a defence mechanism designed to keep various energies at bay and far away from oneself in order to protect the already existing order of things in the energy system; people even pride themselves in being "just open minded enough" to let a little bit of the learnings in, not all the way but just into some kind of holding area where it will be cynically and consciously dissected and where what is left must pass through even more hoops, loops, tests and filters before it is finally admitted into the system and thus, "being learned".

Here we are getting into something that is essential to learning. Which is the ability to leave one's critical facility at the front door altogether and immerse in the material exactly as it is being presented, at face value, completely open and not just "open minded enough". 

As I'm contemplating this, it strikes me how very EMO that is - not fight it, not side step it, not slow it down, not shield it out but *take it in completely*, let it do it's thing, through and out, just like an experience. 

And learning *is* an experience or should I say, in my opinion it should be because it's one of the, if not simply THE most fun I've ever had with my clothes on. 

On another list (which indeed was what prompted me to search my inbox for NLP and which turned up this message!) we are talking about different learning styles and I've said there just a few moments ago that I learn by immersion. 

And I learn *fast*. Very fast. It sometimes frightens teachers just how fast I can learn what they are presenting and I believe this is so NOT because I'm especially clever, which I'm actually not, but because *I open myself completely to the material, exercises and thoughts* and let this become a *personal experience with the material*. 

When I first got my EFT tapes, that's exactly what I did. 

I sat down and said, OK, show me. Teach me. Totally non-judgemental, all previous knowledge and my critical faculty left completely at the doorstep to be picked up and used *after* I've had a personal experience with the materials *as closely to exactly as their creator intended* as possible. 

It is *extremely possible* if not highly likely indeed that the reflection/abstraction process most people engage in when learning is being offered hinders deep learning and full integration of the materials presented.

If we think of information fields, experience fields from an energetic standpoint and especially from an ET standpoint, those critical reservations and computations are shields to not learning but to *knowing* and *integrating* the material. 

Shields are usually formed as protective devices because one thinks one needs them in some shape or form to safeguard something existing that might be spoiled in some way - often a very distorted self concept or strange beliefs formed by significant emotional experiences as it turns out, rather than anything actually worth protecting. 

There may also be a time in a person's life when they are young and the "channels" to guide such incoming information in the right processing directions and to the right processing systems are not yet correctly formed and indeed, at that time such things should not be presented or else the child will *be forced* into constructing these shields. 

As far as learning goes, I've at some point learned to drop shields - even to those some say are very scary gurus you mustn't let inside your head (and never mind your energy systems in toto). 

But I haven't become a Satanist, a scientist, a scientologist, or a Moonie, or a rampant Bandlerite, or anything like that at all in the process. It doesn't work like that when the information is just allowed to flow straight into you, through and out - all that happens is you end up *knowing* so much more, not just with your mind either but with all sorts of you. That is, I'm convinced of this, why people keep telling me that I'm a natural at this that and the other, simply because I don't fight the "incoming" but just take it in without reservations and think about it *afterwards* when I've had some personal experience with the thing to help me make comparisons and form conclusions, when I have something to actually *base* the subsequent thinking *upon*. 

This follows exactly the pre-suppositions upon which the EMOTM system is based.

I've never thought of learning as an energy exchange before but of course, that's what it is. That energy needs to go into, through and out the students to actually and physically (yes! physically! different brain structure before and after learning!!!) CHANGE them. When that happens and *only* when that happens, has something new been truly learned. 

And it is *total perfection* in a beautiful and really rather mysterious synchronicity that I got to write this article *today* and not a moment sooner, because just now on the EMO trainer's list, the mail came in from that lady who has gotten it and is doing exactly that immersion move with EMO - she dropped shields to it at last and now knows what it is and is getting the benefits from it. 

She wrote: 
>>> Things are clearing so fast it's disconcerting. I may transform into a totally unrecognisable being any minute. ET Romance you say? I think that's as good a quick description of EMO as any. I am in love with the entire universe, cause everything brings new change and all of it feels good. Either Silvia has invented access to ecstasy, or I'm succumbing to mania for the first time at the ripe age of 40.>> and then ended the mail with what I consider to be the very best thing I've heard all this year: >>> Nothing on earth has prepared me for the feeling of dancing wildly with my demons. And falling in love with them again and again.<<<< 

This is a wonderful extension of the EMO Principles because I KNOW that by opening yourself up totally to the learnings of a thing, of any thing, let me repeat that so it doesn't get overlooked - THE LEARNINGS OF ANY THING at all, you can learn faster, deeper, wider, more that you ever thought possible. 

My head is literally spinning with the repercussions of this, big time and my fingers fast as they are can't keep up anymore. 

First I thought of all the other METs - BSFF, TFT and so on. When I got it what Roger Callahan was trying to do and how he was trying to do it, vooom! my universe expanded instantly. When I was studied at Larry's Nims BSFF seminar, the same. I understood something that goes way, way beyond conscious understandings, words and meanings.

Dropping shields to learning - to all learning? My God. Learnings from *anything* - a crystal in your hand. Teach me about your world. The night sky. Teach me what I need to know about you to understand you. An animal. Another person even - how scary would that be! But what an extraordinary experience and what unbelievable scope for personal development exists in that simple basic idea of dropping shields to learning, to true knowing, true understanding. Wow. 

Now, we can start to talk *in earnest* how to make it so that those who want it and are ready for it get to learn that way - incredibly fast, incredibly profound, and not just facts and figures for the conscious mind but this deep knowing and sense of familiarity that you get when you open yourself to the energy of learning. 

Brilliant. Perfect. and correct. 

As usual when I get very, very excited about something I immediately phoned some friends to discuss this more thoroughly (and I was and still am extremely excited indeed by the whole hugeness of the repercussions for learning - I *love* learning! :-) 

Something that we did talk about was the fear in the gut or the "NONONO" response when something or someone strikes a barrier that exists inside oneself. A systemic, directly consciously controlled reversal which in truth is nothing but an energy blockage in the systems and with this removed, Even Flow comes into being and all sorts of magic begins to happen - naturally, incredibly quickly, perfectly as it was always designed to happen to happen in the first place. 

A part of my intense excitement about "the energy of learning" is my deep faith, knowledge, belief, whatever you want to call it, that learning is NOT about sitting in rows with dusty books and that people with their truly fantastic neurologies can learn so much faster, so much more, understand so much more and as a result, have and be so much more than is currently perpetuated.

Reversing The Flow Of Learning

What seems to be most important is to simply drop all barriers to the "energy of learning", wherever it may come from, and not to either shield from it or to move towards it in a selective fashion, bringing your own opinions into the field and ending up just being surrounded by your own original opinions again rather than learning anything new.

There's a rock on the table in front of you and you're supposed to contact it and learn from it. Basic Shamanism 101, same exercise exists in *every* school of magic cross culturally all around the World. 

Now, most people try and get "into" that rock. 

Only that's totally pointless because there is literally NOTHING you can teach the rock. 

In order to learn from it, you have to open yourself up and reverse the energy flow - not from you to the rock, but from the rock to you. 

It is *then* you learn what a rock is and what the world's like through the existence of a rock. 

The "energy of scepticism" is a self generated, outgoing energy which must by it's very nature disturb the one way flow from the rock to you. 

And THAT is the deep trick, the deep surprise and wonderful understanding which is opening doorways to unbelievable dimensions for myself, very personally. 

Just give it a shot. Use ET on it. Reverse the flow, leave the river of scepticism for another day and do anything you got in your house - a pot plant, a crystal, a pet, just anything. EXPERIENCE IT to get what I mean. 

Grant Connolly says, "I agree with the above statement completely and wholeheartedly. If the critical factor is not bypassed then I believe we see what is to be learned solely through the limiting lens of our beliefs. And if our beliefs are opposed in any way to the new learning, we find resistance and difficulty fully absorbing and accepting the new learning. Any beliefs that do not resonate with the material presented acts as a selective filter and inhibit learning. 

"I have discovered that I can lessen the impact of my critical facility and its resistance to learning by focusing on that resistance and tapping with EFT. Somehow EFT clears opposing beliefs or at least the emotions surrounding those beliefs and allows me to learn easier and quicker." 

Energy therapies have indeed already showed us many aspects of what happens when blockages in the energy system are being removed and "shields to learning" are being dropped. I had a client when I first started with EFT whose story I wrote up in Adventures in EFT under Learning. This was a 54 year old woman who called me from her office, first time ever alone with a computer, had never used one in her life but it was made clear if she wanted to keep her job, she'd have to. 

She had had 3 days staff training on how to use it and she was in tears when she rang me. 

She said, and I quote, "I'm staring at the screen and all I see are hieroglyphics, it doesn't make any sense, I can't do this!" 
I got her to do basic EFT whilst looking at the screen and it took one single round and she said, "Oh god! Something's just happened! What is that - that looks, you know that looks like a little tiny picture of a paper folder? And is that a dustbin in the corner there? Do you put old files in there you don't need any more?" 

It was absolutely extraordinary as an experience for both of us. After she got over her surprise and I got her to click a few things here and there, did a couple more rounds when a spreadsheet popped up, she said to me the following: 
"It is so strange, it's like I'm having this feeling of FAMILIARITY with all this all of a sudden. Even as though it's FRIENDLY and I want to try some more things, find out what they do?" 

Three weeks later she send me a thank you in an *email* (!!) all proudly and told me that as impossible as it may seem, the other people in the office were coming to HER now for advice on what to do with the new computers. 

Let's now talk about shields against incoming (information, energy, whatever). 

These are *energetic realities* which really do *change the actual perception* of a thing - making things "unclear", "difficult to grasp", "like I'm in a fog" and so on. People say these things and in fact, they're actually and exactly true. They can't see through their own shields! 

These shields are blockages in the wider energy body that stop the energy from coming in, dissipate it, swirl it up and make it impossible to learn and contact these things and get that sense of "familiarity" the computer lady was referring to. 
EFT removes these blockages and these shields and that's why people keep saying things like, "It's becoming clear to me ...", "I can now understand this ..." "I have a whole new grasp of the situation ..." and so forth. 

ET is specifically designed for the purpose of letting energy in and moving it through and out, and so it's a lot faster than tapping but certainly, EFT can be used *most successfully* for these things. 

There are actual shields to learning, and they would manifest in thoughts like: 

  • I can't learn this 
  • I won't learn this 
  • I don't want to learn this 
  • It would be bad for me to learn this
  • If I understood this, it would change me
  • Knowing this would threaten too much of who I am.
  • This cannot be learned by such ones as me 
  • It would take forever to learn this 

On another level, and that's the EMO level, it simply displays as procrastination, pain and reluctance based upon that pain, state shifts into physical discomfort at the very thought of "interacting with the material". 

There are a million and one immediate and obvious examples as to the validity of this - i.e. if you somehow manage to "drop shields" you can learn so quickly, it's literally scary and throws our whole idea of education, memory, storage and all of that totally out of the window in an instant. 

One of my personal favourites was "Shakespearian language". I was, like most, deeply traumatised by it at school and it was totally incomprehensible to me in all ways. 

Then, I heard Mel Gibson had done a version of Hamlet. So I went to the cinema, having been a huge fan (and probably quite in love with the guy at the time LOL) and to my horror, it wasn't at all an Australian re-make but the real deal in full out Shakespeare talk - and without subtitles! 

As this became apparent to the horrified audience, over half got up and just left. I watched them go and thought about what to do. At which point Mel made his entrance and I thought, oh sod it. Doesn't matter if I don't understand a word. I can keep myself amused by just watching him bend over, wipe a strand of hair from his face - lovely anyway! 

Ten minutes on and I laughed at something and it was *then* that I became aware that I was absolutely understanding *every word they were saying* - easily, perfectly, logically, just as though it was the plainest English possible. 

I was totally blown away by that and never could understand how I could have just shifted into this foreign language in just ten minutes so easily. I've so often wondered about that and how I could make it so that my kids and friends would be able to do it too and I wouldn't be left alone with how much I enjoy Mr S's sense of style, humour and expression now. 

Because I was no longer fighting it, all shields dropped, it just came in and there's something inside my person that *has the ability to make sense of it perfectly* - just like the computer lady had something inside her person that just understood and became familiar and friendly with those symbols just like that after a round of EFT. 

Learning, it seems, is totally *other* than we were led to believe. 

I'd call to everyone who is here to test this for themselves, right now, stop whatever you're doing, call up a webpage containing something that frightens you, be it an article by Dilts or a mathematics site, view source on a webpage or find a geography school support page if that's what hurts you still! 

Just look at the screen and do a round or two of EFT and of course, ET if you know it on everything. Then report back. 
If we can *learn* - my God then we can learn to do things very differently from what we're doing right now in every way possible. 

Heart Learning 
I was talking with Ananga Sivyer (Author of The Art & Science and The Meridian Journey and fellow GoE Trainer) this morning about the "energy of learning". 

She told me some very interesting things about how meridians are involved in the transportation of this energy and I asked her if she would write it down to share with you - which she kindly did! 

In Japanese, "the heart" translates as "the centre". It's all coming together. 

Ananga Sivyer says, "As I typed that in the subject line I remembered the expression to 'learn something by heart'. We really do know the truth already, don't we! 

As far as traditional energy medicine goes, energetically there are channels in the body which operate as a feedback mechanism between the heart and the mind. They are depicted as a curved channel which loops out of each side of the central (or conception) meridian - that is the one that runs up the front of the body - and into the centre of the head.

The function of these channels is to relay information between the mind and the heart and vice versa. In the specific context of learning (there are many other areas influenced by this energetic feedback loop) knowledge is received by the heart and verified in conscious awareness by the mind - here it is processed and considered externally before returning to the heart for storage and recall.

Many texts cite the heart as the seat of intelligence and, beyond that, wisdom - and not the head!
In traditional Chinese medical reference texts it is referred to as the Emperor - the ruler and overseer of all other organs and energy systems and specific reference is made to wisdom and knowledge coming under the jurisdiction of the heart energy.
Ancient oral traditions passed on vast amounts of complex information from master to disciple as part of a relationship of mutual trust the disciple would offer respect to his superior and the master would, in return, offer affection to the disciple by imparting knowledge. As speech is the manifestation of heart energy (more on this in The Meridian Journey) it would be considered that knowledge would be passed from one heart to another."

Students & Teachers
Knowledge being passed from heart to heart? What would that be like? In the martial arts traditions, the teacher/master is more like a father to their chosen students and this form of "energy exchange" might be a very profound experience that might be either mistaken for, or indeed be simply a variation on the label of "love" - for what could this be other than a true exchange of the energies of the heart? 

I have had the extreme good fortune just recently to have had a student who delighted me and vice versa. 

For sure, the relationship was beset with difficulties because I didn't know where to place it - it didn't make any sense in the usual relationship definitions of "boyfriend/girlfriend" or any variations thereof, with sex or without. From the teachers perspective, I *know* what this student brought out in me - incredible flow and clarity of thought, insight, understanding. 

When we were really at it, our energy exchanges went into a not dissimilar state of what I noted previously about the "true co-joint healing" where you just don't know who is healing whom, who the healer is and who is the healee, and who is being healed of what. The energy exchanges with my student can only be described as co-joint learning because I have no idea who was teaching whom what, and indeed, looking at the whole interaction with the wisdom of hindsight and in the context of "learning as an energy exchange", simply what one could say that both end up changed, which was if you remember my original definition of true learning.

In the movie metaphors, a favourite is the story of a bitter, crusty old teacher who is saved just as profoundly if not profoundly more so by the appearance of the orphan student with whom they make that relationship. 

They need each other to heal each other and become changed people, real people, awakened people, whatever you want to call that. From Zorro to the Karate Kid, from Heidi to Star Wars, from Finding Forrester to Educating Rita, that's the story, time and time again.

And it's a GREAT story. No wonder we like it so much, find it so inspiring. It's true, that's why.

The terrible contortion, be in teaching or in healing in whatever variety and even including psychotherapy (!) AND with the caveat that there may actually be *no distinction between healing and learning* at all! - is that we have no full on societal archetypes and role models to fall back on when these relationships happen.

What do we make of that boy from Karate Kid who is hanging out after school with that old weirdo in his wooden hut? What would the neighbours think? In The Man Without A Face, they're coming round to burn "the perverts house down".

The people involved in these "Good Will Hunting" exchanges have the sensations, the feelings and emotions but there's nowhere to put them into a societal context, with rules of engagement and progressions such as we find in courtship, engagement, marriage and divorce to tell us what we are "supposed to be doing" with each other.

I can't help but wonder how many people "turned gay", into paedophiles or simply married their teachers/ students/ clients/ healers because they just simply didn't know what else to DO with THAT.

THAT kind of profound energy exchange. Which is way, way too rare anywhere and everywhere and which, if it wasn't, wouldn't throw the neurologies of those involved in them into such unnecessary contortions.

The Energy Of Learning, and using EMO principles to remove blockages and shields to learning at the energetic levels, throws open a world of new possibilities. In the last section, that on the student-teacher relationship, this bridges into the most profound of human relationship possibilities and the truly unbelievable lessons that might be learned there, and the healings that might arise - if we have the courage to take that step from learning as the ancient scriptures suggest first with the heart so we can know in our head.


22. 10. 2002


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Posted Sep 17, 2002