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The Moment Of Perfect Clarity - Real Change By Events

by Silvia Hartmann

The Moment Of Perfect Clarity - Real Change By Events

People change by events - and only by events. Trying to change without events isn't just doomed to failure, it structurally damages the energy system and is highly dangerous to mind, body and spirit.

If you want real change, you will need a real event - a moment of perfect clarity.

The Moment Of Perfect Clarity

How Real Change Works By Events

by Silvia Hartmann

When I was young, I was an animal behaviour specialist. As such, I was the "go to guy" in the local community for all things animal related, and often as not, it had nothing to do with a cat, a dog or a horse - it was all about the owners.

One particular challenge that presented itself over and over again was owners who were deeply distraught because their animals were old or very ill, and pressure was put upon them from vets or friends and family to have the animal put to sleep; or to put it in other words, to give the OK for the animal to be killed, put to death.

I was of course a companion animal owner myself and so were all my friends; I'd been through this difficult time myself repeatedly, helped my friends through it, and eventually, I had a breakthrough insight on how to handle this time.

I called it "Waiting for the moment of perfect clarity."

It works like this.

For a long time, you look at the animal and you are unsure. You don't know what to do for the best. You're upset, you cry, you get angry at people who tell you you're a bad person to let the animal go on suffering. It's a terrible place to be yet there's nothing you can do about it.

But there is a resolution.

There comes a time, and this time ALWAYS comes, when all of a sudden, you have that moment of perfect clarity.

The conflict is over, the decision is there, it just comes to you, you didn't even make it. You KNOW when the time has come, and that's when you get up, call the vet, and have the animal put to sleep.

Everybody has this moment of perfect clarity.

You *have* to have it or you can't do this thing. It's impossible to do without having had the moment of perfect clarity.

So I used to tell the distraught owners of the animals to stop worrying.

Really, don't worry, I used to say to them. It's OK. The animal is still with you, don't ruin the time you still have left together with tearing yourself to pieces in worry and argument. Just do what must be done, take care of the animal as best you can, LOVE IT as best you can because it won't be long now.

The moment of perfect clarity will come to you too, and when it comes, it's all over.

Until it comes, just love your animal and things will turn out right, in the end.

That's what I told people, and time and time again they would say how helpful that had been, that they had done their best to take that information on trust and wait for the moment of perfect clarity, and then it had come to them, and now they knew exactly what I meant by that.

Now, 30 years later, we know what the moment of perfect clarity is - it's an event in the energy system, a threshold shift that evolves the energy system and in doing so, releases and relieves the built up, pent up pressure that has been building for a long time.

And I have learned that without an event, there cannot be any change; and for any real change that is sought, there ALWAYS NEEDS TO BE a moment of perfect clarity.

If you try to do things without that event, without that moment of perfect clarity, bad, bad things happen.

The animal owners who let themselves be moved by others to take their companion to the vet "against their will" (without having had their own moment of perfect clarity!) had EXTREME bereavement symptoms after the fact, were racked with guilt, with shame, with accusations of the past self, so unhappy.

The owners who had their moment of perfect clarity and acted AFTER that, had a completely different bereavement process. They still cried, they were sad, but there was no guilt or shame because they knew they had done the right thing at the right time, and so the right thing had been done. There were no cries of, "I murdered my beloved companion, I hate myself!" but instead they would feel that giving the animal peace in a loving way had been the very last gift of love and a profoundly positive spiritual experience in the end.

If we look at this from the modern energy inclusive standpoint, we can say that the people who waited for the moment of perfect clarity, that event that settles the question as what we should do once and for all, did something very right.

It seems that the threshold shift I called the moment of perfect clarity is *what the energy system needs* to prepare a person for the next step and what follows after; without it, the person is simply not ready to do this thing, and if they do it anyway, they tear themselves to pieces in the process.

This means to me that to try and change anything important without having an event first to enable this change is DANGEROUS.

This is worse than what you see in so many people who diet, for example, and who will fail over and over again because they are trying to make a change without having had that moment of perfect clarity, that threshold shift, that event, that would empower them to make that change.

It isn't just that they fail to achieve that which they seek - a fit and healthy body. Every attempt to do something without the support from a change event damages the energy system, unbalances it, makes it function erratically and causes more and more problems, the longer this goes on.

This is a double whammy of failure; you have failure to achieve the aim, and destruction to the energy system results on top, which makes it even less likely that a change EVENT can happen anytime soon.

With the companion animal owners, once they stopped worrying themselves sick and simply started waiting for the moment of perfect clarity, which is bound to come with a very sick animal in the last days of its life, they started to feel calmer, more loving, which denotes a more positive energy flow.

A more positive energy flow will make the occurrence of a change event more likely, of this I have no doubt.

So there are two lessons here.

The first is not to try and change something important until and unless there is a moment of perfect clarity, some kind of change EVENT which precedes any physical action to bring about that change.

It is very dangerous and can lead to serious emotional unbalance, which in turn can lead to psychosomatic illness, and real illness, and at the very least, causes more stress and destabilisation to the entire mind/body/spirit unit.

The second lesson is that if you want to change anything, then you need an event to empower that change.

In the case of the companion animal owners, we knew what the event was - that moment of perfect clarity when the owner looked at the animal, sensed the animal and knew "the time has come, it is here and now."

For any other type of change we might seek, there has to be a similar movement of energy that expresses itself in "this is finished, the time has come, the change is here, and it is here and now."

We can create energy events now thanks to modern energy work through EFT (the healing events) and EMO (the energized end states), also with Project Sanctuary (the threshold shifts) - all of which are examples of that moment of perfect clarity when the change has already happened, and now only the steps need to be taken to make it manifest in action, which in and of itself is now inevitable.

If we want to change something we have struggled with for a long time and which has driven us crazy, we need an event.

The first step is to calm down and de-stress.

Stop fighting, stop struggling.

Instead, focus on the future in which that moment of perfect clarity MUST arise, and accept that whatever the situation you find yourself in at this time, it won't change until that moment has come.


Now, we can consider what kind of event is needed to be that moment of perfect clarity for that which you seek to change. It doesn't matter if this is a fetish, an addiction, living circumstances, habits, entrainments of mind, body and spirit - nothing stands up against a real event, against a real moment of perfect clarity.

As you are de-stressing, and preparing for your own moment of perfect clarity on the topic of change, and you are preparing for this moment by releasing stress from your energy system, stopping any fights, "turning your mind to beautiful things" as often as possible, we can begin to think about that.

What kind of event has to happen to bring about the change you seek?

What do you need to get you there?

What has to be done before this change can happen?

What needs to be released, what needs to be learned, what needs to have been felt, known, understood, sensed?

As we "think towards" the change event, we are creating a forward movement out of the old and into the new; in SEEKING the event, we put ourselves, mind, body and spirit, on the right track to actually find it.

There is a lot of beauty in this pattern.

As with the dying animals, love replaces struggles, confusion and negative emotions. All that was of the old, and we are heading towards the new - an event that will be the step stone for the next unfoldment in our incarnation.

We don't have to worry any longer about the possibility of eventual failure, because once an event has occurred, the problem is not just solved, you go beyond that altogether. Events are like that; they are always "enlightenment events" and that's a fact.

We don't have to worry about having to fight and struggle forever and ever and ever ... Once the event has happened, there will be no struggle at all, and things will unfold rightfully, naturally, easily.

We don't have to worry about all the struggles and failures of the past. They're just reminders that you CANNOT CHANGE WITHOUT AN EVENT, and therefore, valuable lessons learned that will help us now with this new approach to real life change.

We don't have to worry that this event thing is "just another thing doomed to failure as all the other attempts have been ..."

An event is an enlightenment experience. It is the most powerful form of change there is and once it has happened, the energy system structurally cannot go back to an elder state. That is irretrievably gone the moment the lightning strike happened, changed the energy system in an instant and the person experienced their own version of "the moment of perfect clarity."

We don't even have to worry about not finding the event, or not knowing how to create the right event.

I have every faith that once the stress stops, the fighting stops, and there is a measure of peace and re-energization happening, it will become fairly obvious what needs to be done to expedite getting to the change event; what will bring it closer and what is likely to make recede.

The main thing is to be clear in mind, body and spirit that you are seeking this event which will change you forever.

State this out aloud with your hands in the heart healing position and notice any fear or resistance - these sensations are only indications of blockages and reversals in your energy system which are structurally stopping the event from happening.

Do this every day for a week or so and you'll be much, much clearer on the type of event you need for you, uniquely yours this will be, to gain the change you seek.

This change is an EVOLUTION, make no mistake. It is a step in your own personal evolution. That's all. It's not a victory, it's not a triumph, it is simply a necessary evolution from a place you were stuck at. It's a structural necessity, it is achievable, and it is simply how change works.

So that's the double message of "the moment of perfect clarity" - understand you cannot change by struggle, you will only hurt yourself more; and understand that for any change you need an event. Seek that event, be clear about that, focus on that moment in time, take out the resistance and you too will be able to experience not just one moment of perfect clarity - but as many as you want, and on any topic you want.

Silvia Hartmann

March 2012

Posted Mar 27, 2012 by Silvia Hartmann