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The Others

The Others

Role modeling in general but particularly setting a course to "become" someone from the past, a past aspect, is really bad for the human energy system, which is a natural system and therefore has a naturally inbuilt future orientation.

For example, people often want to become a younger aspect of themselves, the aspect before the accident or incident, or when the aspect was still healthy. The heartfelt desire to be a past aspect reverses and confuses the energy system, and things go from bad to worse.

Likewise, trying to become someone else altogether really screws up the energy system and causes a whole galaxy of symptoms across teh board in mind, body and spirit.

To avoid this problem, we use "the others" as conceptual role models.

These are aspects of ourselves which are the same age or older than our current aspects, and whose energy systems are healed and evolved, according to that individuals own creative template.

Role modelling or goal setting to one's own self future creative template - the other - is safe and extremely effective.

We can also use this device to get away from ancestor worship by asking what the others would do in this situation, for example.

The others can be used to teach and motivate in Sanctuary also.


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