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The Vortex - EFT, Story & Energy Healing Pattern

The Vortex - EFT, Story & Energy Healing Pattern

The Vortex Energy Healing Pattern - 3 articles on a unique energy healing pattern that can hold the key to a great many breakthrough insights and threshold shifts in dealing with the energetic components of any type of problem.

Very powerful and useful.

* First Published in June 2002.

The Vortex


There are three articles here on the Vortex Energy Healing pattern.

The first is a simple self help pattern using EFT.*

*Learn more about EFT

For those who would like to look behind the scenes, there is a story that explains how The Vortex works and to help you remember why, how and what and finally, an advanced energy healing exercise on the topic.

The Vortex Pattern - EFT

Here is a simple EFT based self help pattern that allows you to take a new perspective on your "problems" and in doing so, opens new lines of communication within the Self on which healing can travel in a whole new way.

Healing The Vortex with  EFT

1. Tune into your body as it is right now and let your thoughts go to a problem, challenge, pain, an emotion or an issue that is drawing your attention.

2. What would you call this? Give it a name. For this exercise we are going to use "My Problem".

3. Have an idea of how "big" the problem is - give it a rating between 0 and 100, so that we have a clear conscious knowing of how it has changed beyond how different it feels after the treatment.

4. Start the normal EFT exercise with PR correction and the opening statement of: "I am (my problem) and I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself."* This is the normal EFT proxy protocol.

*It is perfectly ok to say "the" problem instead if that feels more appropriate.

4. On the points, as you tap, you repeat, "My (the) problem".*

*As you tap on each point, and if it should happen, you can add something about the statement that comes to mind. That often takes care of "aspects" there and then and reduces the amounts of round necessary to entirely resolve the situation.

5. At the end of the round, take a new reading. Also notice if you need to *re-name* your problem for a subsequent round or if the original problem is the same only milder/less now. Sometimes they shift and become something else entirely but not always.

6. After you have finished, take a moment to just sit quietly and reflect on what you have thought, felt, experienced and learned about the nature of your problem.

NB: You can do this pattern proxy for another person, the set up being, "I am (Danny's)(problem)."

The Vortex

This is firstly, a story and then following, a practice pattern to help with the problems of "being too emotionally involved" with oneself, the patient and the problem when doing energy therapy work, posted here Oct. 21st 2001 in response to a message on

I am *not* suggesting that this will help anyone cure cancer, it is simply an approach that I have helpful when dealing with situations where one cannot help but feel inadequate, hopeless, scared and ineffective.

I have also found that it is a *useful* way of thinking about disease in general and opens up new doors and avenues of exploration.

How The Vortex Was Discovered

(From In Serein, 2/2/2 Starfields)

The procession with Dareon remaining well in the rear, entered into the wagon circle. In the center was a large fire that was still burning down from a much bigger one the night before, and by it lay a pale dark child, no more than five or six years of age. His head was cradled in the lap of a dark exotic woman whose face was wet with tears and who was rocking him ever so slightly. She looked at my approach with hope and fierceness and I felt so inadequate and such a fraud in my blue robes. Under my left hand, the stone began to sing re-assurance in a shade of gentle purple and blue and that gave me the strength to make the last few steps and crouch down by the side of the child.

As soon as I looked closely at his face, pale in spite of the dark coloring, set off against ringlets of pitch black curls which hid a river of now nearly black blood coming from the side of his head, all the rest of it – the people, the mother, the fire and the camp – started to recede and kind of fade out of awareness until it was all gone and there was this space that contained just the child and me. It was a strange feeling of a kind I was unaware of having experienced before, then a sensation at the back of me caught my attention and it was Dareon, joining us and crouching down beside me. He was not looking at the child, but at me instead, and seemed to be different – older? Taller? More knowledgeable? – than I remembered him to be.

“They did not tell me that you could reach Serein?” he said, with a wonder in his voice. I broke off from my attention to the child and looked at him, surprised.

“Serein? Reach Serein? This – this strange place is Serein?” I asked, an understanding beginning to take shape in my mind somewhere. Dareon nodded, still staring directly at me.

“Not a place, a state of being,” he said.

I felt a reeling sensation and re-focused on the child. It too looked different, ghostlike, not solid, nearly see-through. There were colours coming from his body and around the left side of his head, a black vortex swirling angrily, seemingly sucking out colours that were beginning to distort towards it from all over his body.

“Do you see that vortex?” I asked Dareon, and felt his reply yes.

“Do you know how to stop it?”

He hesitated. “I have not learned the art of healing yet.”

There was a greenish yellow beginning to be drawn from around the child’s chest and the first part of it was nearly reaching the vortex. I had a strong feeling of fear and foreboding and knew that if this green was to be sucked into the vortex, all the other colours would follow like a waterfall and the child would be lost.

“Do something Dareon,” I said urgently and felt his hesitation and then his fear. He didn’t know what to do, or if he did, he would not do it now. The green was edging into the outside of the vortex with every pulse that must have been the beating of the child’s living heart somewhere not in this space, yet linked and one in a way I did not seek understand right now. I put my hand into my pocket and drew out the singing stone. Tightened my fingers around it and urged it to help me somehow. Vibrations spread through my fingers and palms and up my arms, and the now familiar waves of blue and green began to build up. “I don’t need this now, how do I give this to the child?” But the stone’s vibrations remained for me and strengthened and calmed me at the same time, and the green was nearly there now, two more heartbeats and it would all be over.

“No!” I thought, hard and desperate, and in my mind, began to tug on the green to somehow bring it back. It moved back a little bit and Dareon gasped by my side.

“How are you doing this?” I felt him exclaim, and I told him to just grab the green and try and pull it back into shape. His mind joined mine and together, we pulled the green back towards the child’s center, yet as soon as we let go, it would inevitably begin the slide towards the vortex anew.

You keep pulling the green back, I instructed Dareon, I will try and do something to the vortex itself.

I focused on it and could feel the pull of it, the strength of it, and for a second I panicked and thought that it might pull me into itself just as surely as it would the livingness of the child. I resisted the pull and pulled back but that did not do anything other than expend my energy. A picture: a woodland creature once caught by my father in a trap, pulling against the trap and tearing itself apart because the trap would not move : This is not the answer.

Frustrated I sat back on my heels and considered the vortex. “Do something,” came from Dareon, “I don’t know how much longer I can hold this.”

I tuned him out and reduced the situation even more. Now, there was no Dareon and no child, and no green in danger of being swallowed any more. Reluctantly, I tuned out the singing stone as well and reduced it all to just me all by myself and the vortex itself. I edged in until I could feel it pull on me and gave in a little. The tension reduced immediately and noticeably, and I gave in a little more. The vortex began to take on a familiar feel as we were no longer separate but beginning to merge and it was then that it occurred to me that if I became the vortex, I could choose to change its nature and direction. A part of me was afraid of that idea on the grounds that it might be a siren’s trap but still, it was too intriguing a proposition to resist. I relaxed a little more into the vortex, then more and more still until I let go completely and merged with it entirely. I felt it’s hunger and desire for harmony and I understood why it wanted the green from the child in a way that can never be explained in speech alone and I also knew that this hunger could not be stilled in the way it sought to fulfill. Being the vortex and with volition I broadened the scope, and found the blue and green of the singing stone instead. Here was true green – all the green in the universe, endlessly renewing. As the vortex I began to feed and sate and then go beyond satiation into bliss and then ecstasy, the green kept coming and all of a sudden, there was a switch into a profound silence so deep and all-encompassing that I ceased to be at all for a short while or perhaps an eternity – I am not sure. All I know after that is that I could feel a pushing at my shoulder and there was Dareon, and the child in the interim space, and the vortex was no longer there, but a small field of stars instead above the child’s head, feeding all the colours in his body and re-shaping them as to where they should be, strengthening them and giving them a wondrous luminosity.

Dareon reached across to me and somehow, my eyes opened and we were back in the travelers camp, in a silence of breathing and heartbeats and a crackling fire, and before me lay the child and his eyes were open, and he was smiling at me.

Excerpt From "In Serein" by StarFields



The Vortex - Full Exercise

(From Energy Healing For Animals, Unit 08)

Proxy Healing 2 – Becoming The Problem

As we will discuss in more depth in the later stages of this course and have already mentioned a number of times under a number of different headings, creating Even Flow is NEVER A WAR.

It is a natural enough human reflex given the ins and outs of our societal entrainments to think of healing as winning and dying as losing, for example. That’s fairly obviously a limitation and most healers have understood that consciously as well as having known it to be true unconsciously forever anyway.

It is not so directly obvious and more insidious, if you will, when we talk about “losing the battle against cancer” or “fighting off an infection” or “holding out against the ravages of (insert disease)”.

In medical terminology, war metaphors abound. They are everywhere and they clearly indicate that all of us are entrained most profoundly to view pain and illness and problems and symptoms of all kinds as “the enemy” that needs to be “vanquished”.

The trouble with this is that if you view wellness as a war, you’ve lost before you ever fired your first arrow or struck the first blow with your lance because inevitably you will just die and lose in the end, and so will all your patients, your clients, their loved ones and everyone else, including the stars themselves at some point in the future.

Very depressing, isn’t it.

But there’s more to that. The metaphor of “war” brings with it serious limitations, especially in the communications department – what kind of communications can be had with an enemy who is all out to kill you in the end can be mostly numbered on the paws of a couple of pads, and as to the energetic “flavour” of any interaction between two parties at war ...


Not exactly what we would consider Even Flow. Or unconditional love, or seeing the light within, or basic compassion nor any of all these other precepts we have now accepted as being absolutely fundamental to making the systems that we are, that the animals are, that the Earth is, that the universe itself is on all the planes and levels work together as beautifully and harmoniously as they were originally designed to function.

So for this last exercise in this unit, what we are going to seriously consider is an illness or energetic disturbance as an entity that has a right to be here and deserves to be treated with exactly the same unconditional regard, respect and compassion as we need to extend to the rest of creation and ourselves included if we want to live successfully and to our full potential in the Hard.

I appreciate that it’s at the level of the Hard not an easy thing to do, if it is possible at all or even meant to be done at the level of the Hard.

I am sure you have heard it be said that emotional involvement with a patient is a hindrance to healing rather than a help. This is correct of course and an observation made by all healing modalities over all of mankind’s endeavors in this area.

However, what is not being told is just how you are supposed to accomplish this.

There is a much loved creature, it is in pain, it is calling to you for help and you are hurting with it, hurting for it, scared to death that it will die and you’re going to be left by yourself and not being able to stand the pain of it, and you are sitting there stroking it and you’re supposed to be “not emotionally involved”????

Sadly, many healers take this advice to heart and build barriers around themselves or dis-associate themselves from their feelings, becoming hard and bitter and desperately dis-satisfied in the process as their true healing skills in turn become cut off and walled away and thus cannot express themselves.

There is a structural way out of this, namely to understand that emotional involvement is absolutely correct and as it should be in the Hard but that when you move up the planes where the much loved creature becomes an energy system and you the shuttle in the weaver’s hand that repairs the threads, those emotional Hard aspects drop away automatically because you are working in an entirely different space altogether where emotions are not at all like those of the Hard and your love and compassion for those you are wanting to help is all there is – naturally and without even having to work at it!

It is here, too, that other types of emotional involvements such as the hatred for the disease and its effects drops away and you can see the disease or disturbance for what it really is – an existing energetic reality, a part of the universe, a being in its own right that has it’s own needs and purposes and that, if understood and listened to can tell you exactly and specifically what needs to be done to have it be other, elsewhere, or simply in peace and oh so gently dissolve to the night sky.

Therefore, our last exercise is:

* Exercise 9 – Becoming The Vortex

For this exercise, we are going to use one of your very own problems rather than to experiment on a third party.

Tune into your own physicality and shift gently to the connector planes and your own energy system as it is, right now.

Look out for any disturbances that catch your attention.

Now focus in on that disturbance until everything else has receded and the disturbance is all there is AND you no longer feel afraid of it, threatened by it or have any other emotions about it other than a desire to know more about it, to understand it better and to know it’s purposes of being.

Make contact with it and allow yourself to know even more about it, allow yourself to go to it and become it entirely.

Learn what its desires are, its hungers and most importantly its survival needs that are not currently being met; its pain and its unhappiness and lack of Even Flow.

From that place, consider how what you know can help this entity find what it needs in such a way that it is entirely satisfied and has come to a point of resolution, to true happiness/peace/comfort/restfulness etc. This may be and usually is, either to have energy released or energy added and in its current state, it is probably using someone’s energy system for this when it would be much more satisfying for it to get its energy elsewhere and in turn, release its superfluous energy somewhere else as well.

Guide it to a better solution than the current state and when you are entirely satisfied that it is in Even Flow, thank it for it’s interactions and the learnings and softly return to the here-and-now.

The above is a powerful and extremely healing exercise. I would strongly recommend that you practice the art of moving into the energetic layers and away from the concerns of the Hard now and before you are put into a personal situation where extreme emotional disturbances will cause you to have a momentary loss of focus on your missions, abilities and desires.

The more you do this, the more flexible you will become and have not just the choice of responding entirely appropriately in the Hard and still being able to make beautiful energetic interventions at the level above where “the air is always clear”, but also to know that you never need to shut down your connections, your love and your caring for another individual to protect yourself – in the contrary. The deeper the connection, the more profound your gift to them, their gifts to you and the better the energy exchanges between you.

(From Energy Healing For Animals, Unit 08)

Silver dragon coin

The Vortex is a typical Sidereus Pattern by Silvia Hartmann, an interactive process that engages far more than just the mind and teaches us something important not just about ourselves, but about the true nature of the universe beyond the bounds of illusion and misconception. If you would like to experience such learnings and understanding, we recommend you start with Project Sanctuary.

The Vortex Energy Healing Pattern (c) Silvia Hartmann 2002. All Rights Reserved.

Posted Aug 28, 2011